How To Find The Perfect Festival Outfit For This Summer


Summer is the time of going to the beach with friends, going on vacation, and going to festivals. Music festivals are now more popular than ever before. Festivals represent freedom, love and the power of music, and have been really popular since Glastonbury and Woodstock were founded by hippies throughout the 60s and 70s. However, many people also want to find the perfect festival outfits that are easy to wear but will also make you stand out in the crowd! Here are some top tips for finding the perfect festival outfit for this summer!

Bring Durable Footwear

One of the main things you need to keep in mind when choosing your festival outfit is how much walking you will be doing. Your campsite may be a significant walk away from the main stages, so you should bring durable footwear that you can walk in (maybe leave the high heels at home.) Furthermore, the weather could be not as good as you predict, meaning you will have to walk over a lot of wet and muddy ground. Picking shoes such as laced boots and wellies is a fantastic way to support your feet while you’re having an amazing time at the festival!

Pack A Jacket

The weather can be incredibly unreliable, even if it is the summer, so you should make sure to pack a waterproof jacket to protect you. When you go to a festival or an outdoor wedding, there isn’t a lot of shelter away from the weather, so it’s important that you take adequate protection in order to cover yourself. Furthermore, at festivals, many of the performances will take place at night when it’s considerably cooler, so you should take a jacket to keep yourself warm at night.

Choose Your Accessories Carefully

Festival outfits are known for being bright and fun – but if you normally wear a lot of plain clothes, choosing the right accessories can really jazz up a plain outfit. For example, even if you just take a lot of plain shorts, skirts and dresses, styling these outfits with a sparkly belt, cool pair of sunglasses and cowboy hat can really create a festival vibe. Make sure to take plenty of accessory options with you, including affordable jewellery, cool bags and hats to really jazz up a plain outfit.

Pick Clothes By Theme

One of the biggest trends when it comes to festival outfits has to be themed styles and fits. For example, people are choosing to follow an aesthetic or theme when it comes to going to festivals, such as cowboy-themed outfits, boho hippie-themed outfits, and carnival outfits. Some people even create space-themed outfits or full neon styles! If you really want to stand out from the crowd at your festivals this summer, try to be creative and plan outfits around particular themes and styles. Creativity and having fun is the core principle of festivals, so wear your most creative and out-there outfits this summer!

Take Inspo From Other Festival-Goers

If you’re really struggling to find outfits that you will feel comfortable in this summer, make sure to take inspiration from previous pictures of festivals. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and festival fashion is all about sharing creativity and love. Create a mood board or collage of all your favourite looks and take it with you when you go shopping, to stimulate your creativity and find the perfect festival outfit for you! You can look at influencers, in magazines and at runway pics to find the perfect festival fit for the summer.

Invest In Layers

When you go to a festival, you should know how important it is to be able to add and remove layers of clothing quickly. It could rain one hour and the next be extremely hot, so you need to make sure you can put items on and take them off quickly. Investing in festival outfits with lots of layers is a great way to make sure you can tailor the fit for your comfort and style. For example, putting smaller pieces such as crop tops on under jackets can make it much easier for you to switch and style clothing items.

Match The Fit To The Festival

Finding great festival outfits is much easier when you match your outfit to the style and tone of the entire festival. For example, festivals such as Glastonbury, Woodstock and Coachella tend to be associated more with hippie and boho culture, so finding outfits that fit this theme may make you look more stylish. However, other festivals such as Creamfields and Firenze Rocks tend to be more relaxed and modern, so you can wear more modern going out dresses. Wearing clothes that fit the vibe is a great way to look amazing and stand out from the crowd this summer!

Festivals are all about music and fashion, so it can be daunting to find the perfect fit for the summer’s festivals – however, if you follow these tips, finding the perfect festival outfit for the summer is easier than ever!