How To Use The Best Artificial Grass On Walls?


Using the Best Artificial Grass Brisbane material for residential landscaping is popular. The addition of synthetic turf can render freshness and brings a summary and spring twist to any home. Majorly shift behind fake grass is less maintenance and watering expenses instead of real turf.

Besides, install turf in indoor, outdoor, or wall areas according to requirements. It is a nature-friendly yet ever-lush turf for everyone all year. Additionally, reel grass is a healthy and safe choice for toddlers and animals.

However, decorating a home space with it is complex, so this blog guides you with interesting décor ideas. Scroll down to explore the right techniques to change your home into an aesthetic space.

Grass For Garden Walls

With the best artificial grass in Brisbane, you can decor gates and fences. Upgrade a living area wall with fake turf and add value to your home, on the other hand, hide marks. In this process, using deeper piles for decoration helps to achieve a good impression. During installation, the right fixing is a must to ensure security, reduce the hassle of watering and maintenance.

Décor Turf For Sheds & Outbuildings

To be honest having fake turf on one wall is enough to turn a space spectacular. Synthetic turf off-cuts are useful, so cover sheds and outbuildings with them.

Décor Conservatory Walls

It is an ideal and suitable place to fix fake grass and create lush green outdoor space. While fix it on a living area wall, grass can compromise and remain greenish without watering.

Synthetic Turf For Playroom Walls

Want to enhance interest in children playing room? Then opt for fake grass fitting. When it is toddlers’ room, purchase vibrant yet colorful fake turf to make kids love it. Approaching Artificial Grass Suppliers Brisbane always remains the best choice to attain your goal. They help you to install, at the same time, you can obtain beautiful walls immediately.

Steps To Décor Walls With Turf

Get Supplies

Start your decoration with supplies, such as scissors, chalk, safety glass, a staple gun, and tape.

Measure & Plan

Before purchasing turf, measure the desired area with tape and calculate the total area requirements.

Get Grass

The grass is available in range of varieties based on room type, size, and your needs.

When you need to buy it for a small room, separate them into pieces to fit individual pieces on the wall. These décor products are good to go when you need to décor indoor and outdoor areas.

To décor backdrop, buy roll-out grass and cut to design according to your taste. If you want to add thick or dimension to grass, then buy a hedge plant.

Attach Grass To Walls

After getting the final piece of artificial grass, fix it on your wall. Remember your fake turf needs to hold related decorations respective to where you are going to attach the grass. As it results, you can reach the expected output and increase your value of room efficiently.


After finishing fitting, add some fake plants or insects to enhance interest in a specific area. For sport-related grounds, decorate the wall with footballs and baseballs helps to grab attention. Before starting, lay out the concept and plan for what you want to make in the end can be helpful.

Maintain The Wall

Small maintenance always requires, even if it is the best artificial grass in Brisbane product. This simple and regular care keeps the surface clean and attractive all day. Occasionally, provide vacuum cleaning, handheld broom and collect dust.