Rules to be followed in Hotels during this pandemic situation


The biggest impact of the pandemic in the 21st century has doomed many businesses. One of the sectors that were severely hit by the Covid-19 is hospitality. Hotels and tourism sectors were leading businesses that faced a crisis during the situation. However, the scenario is changing and all the sectors are on the way to back normalcy. But it is necessary to take appropriate precautions steps before stepping into the hotel. Given below are the few best rules to be followed during this covid situation.

Rules To Follow By Customers

  • Wearing Mask: Apart from eating, people are asked to wear masks. Using a double mask or N95 is recommended to avoid transmission. Hotels must restrict customers from visiting the hotel without wearing the mask. 
  • Frequent Hand Washing: It is significant to wash the hand frequently. Especially after going through the menu card and before having food, it is necessary to wash hands. Also, avoid contacting the eyes and other organs without cleaning hands.
  • Physical Distancing: Customers must follow the physical distancing procedure. It is recommended to stay 6 feet away for avoiding transmission. If not 6 feet, try to keep certain distances from others. Physical touching is strictly avoided which paves the way for spreading one to one, so it is highly essential to follow such rules. 
  • Ages To Take Additional Precaution: The person above 65, pregnant women, and people with co-morbidities are recommended to be cautious while dining out. If possible, opt for a doorstep delivery service rather than visiting the hotels.
  • Avoid Spitting: One of the rules that need to be strictly followed is to avoid spitting in public places. Even in an emergency, try to visit the restroom instead of spitting publicly, which avoids the crowd and helps to make public distancing. 

Guideline For Hotels

Apart from customers, hotels require to follow certain recommendations and arrange things for diminishing the transmission rate.

  • Providing Sanitizer: Hotels must have alcohol-based sanitizer at the front door or at the reception hall. Along with that, the hotels must follow the thermal screening provision. If customers show any of the symptoms like throat infection, and cold, ensure that they aren’t positive. Dining must also be arranged with proper distancing and not in a closed way.
  • Prefer Asymptomatic Staff: It’s important to check the health condition of staff. Prefer only those who are asymptomatic and demand for negative result test for employees with any symptoms. Staff should also be instructed to use masks and sanitize regularly before/after attending customers.
  • Opting Contact-Less Payment: In the technological world, still preferring offline payment is not a good idea. Try UPI payment or any other contact-less mode for transactions. 

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned are the rules to be followed during the pandemic situation. Both customers and hotel management must follow the given instruction to reduce the impact of Covid-19. Hope the content helps you to gain knowledge about what steps requires to be taken before dining at hotels.