Which is better – A pre-inked stamp Vs. Self-inked stamp


What do you prefer between Large Self  Inking Rubber Stamps or pre-inked stamps? Does it seem difficult to choose one? You need this if you are working where you must deal with piles of papers. These stamps can be used to quickly do your paperwork efficiently. You can collect the different title stamps or stamp labels having various impressions. In this blog, you can differentiate between the Pre-inked stamp & self-inked stamp.

What should I invest in- Self-inking rubber stamps & pre-inked stamp

Both stamps make a great impression in terms of quality and quantity. The stamp doesn’t need any separate ink pads, but still, there are some differences. So, here we are going to make clear differentiation through different aspects.


Features selfinking Stamps


Pre-inked Stamps


Ergonomic design


The large self-inking rubber stamps are automatic regular rubber stamps with real rubbers mounted on their ink pads. When you make the stamping or impression on paper, the rubber goes back & forth to re-ink itself into the ink pad. Few self-inking stamps have preloaded ink pads; others have built-in water ink pads that re-ink within each imprint. You can also change it into different ink colours. This is a perfect example of space saving & compactable stamp option.


The pre-inked stamps have a built ink reservoir where the stamp is filled with gel-based or oil-based ink. You don’t require any additional ink pads here, so it is ready to use. This type of stamp has a cover at the bottom that gives secure & clean storage.


Get quality impressions with longevity. The Self-inking Rubber Stamps offer amazing quality ink that renders great impressions. These are not crisp or clean as the pre-inked stamps. Because it uses water-based ink, they don’t bleed easily and dry within a minute. A fully inked self-inked stamp can build 10,000 impressions.


The pre-inked stamp has long-lasting ink quality with excellent stamp quality. Through this, you can create 50,000 impressions. It allows for utilizing the tool for a long time before refilling. It offers drops of ink into the reservoir. After that, let it for some hours, and then you are all set to place another round of impressions. Remember, the ink refill should be from the same brand. Because it uses gel-based or ink-based ink, it doesn’t dry soon. The pre-inked stamps deliver a crisp and high-quality sharp impression. This is ideal for those who want to make a clear impression without any smudge.


Get efficient & fast impressions. The self-inking rubber stamps do not deliver multiple impressions compared to the pre-inked stamps. Well, this stamp option is reliable and quick to make repeated stamps. It is perfect for rapid stamping tasks. You can get multiple paper works done in a limited amount of time.


Through pre-inked stamps, you can build 50,000 impressions before refilling them. You can prevent the hassle of refilling the ink and work more accurately.


Consider the cost


The self-ink stamps are more affordable than the pre-inked stamps. It doesn’t have the lowest quality and performance. These stamps offer few impressions, so you must refill them every time. Get readable, clear, and fast impressions within minutes.


The pre-inked stamps are costly as compared to the self-inking stamps. This is ideal in terms of longevity and performance. This stamp allows higher quality impressions conveniently. It allows clear stamping on the necessary documents.




Well, in the end, it all depends on your preferences. If you require a crisp, sharp & clean stamp remarkably, then a pre-inked stamp is the right choice. On the other hand, the self-inking stamp is perfect for those who want repeated and rapid stamping.

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