Why is your new HP toner cartridge not working?


Although they cost more, you must Buy HP Toner Cartridges that offer better durability. Most of them match expectations in terms of durability. However, you should still choose high-quality toner that offers the most value for your money when trying to buy new toner cartridges.

There is no requirement for a tedious method when changing from an used to a new toner cartridge. It may be frustrating when you buy HP toner cartridges online, and it is not working and disrupting what should be a smooth procedure during busy office hours. Fortunately, you can fix these problems with expert’s straightforward suggestions.

In this post, experts list the typical causes of toner replacement mistakes that result in a new toner not working and offer advice on how to fix these problems.

The printer is incompatible with the toner that you inserted

Many businesses often produce compact toner cartridges that are designed to function with particular printers. However, the printer may not always recognise the compatible toner refill. OEM cartridges only function with particular printers. Your printers would not detect the toner replacement if you inserted an OEM toner that was distinct from what was recommended.

The toner cartridge for the printer is not recognized

When your printer does not recognize the new toner cartridge after installation, this presents another issue with it not operating. Your incorrectly installed toner in the drum unit is a typical cause of this issue. For instructions on installing a cartridge, consult the manual or try again until the printer recognizes the toner and is prepared to print.

Low levels of ink or toner after replacement

Even after changing the older cartridge, if your printer still transmits or shows a low toner notice, it is still reading the previous cartridge from memory. A quick printer reset often enables the printer to detect the presence of a new cartridge and shows the replacement’s real ink volumes.

Resetting Printer Toner

The simplest way to fix a fresh toner cartridge that isn’t working is often to reset a printer’s toner. The toner volumes still present in the cartridges are shown on toner-level displays. A Low Toner alert appears on the display when the colour levels are low. The display immediately reads the fresh toner volumes after adding fresh toner to the printer.

Even after changing to a fresh cartridge, the Low Toner alert occasionally still appears. A fast reset can fix issues with fresh cartridges not working and inaccurate toner-level displays.

Why is it not working even after replacing the older HP toner cartridges?

When the toner is empty, a printer usually stops printing. The printer will show notifications like “Replace Toner,” “Toner Life End,” or others of nature. Once the empty cartridge is replaced, the notice disappears, and the printer resumes printing.

Some steps to check

Verify that you have placed the proper toner in the appropriate colour slots

Toners are made specifically for each type of printer. By using the toner number, verify that you inserted the right toner. Analyse the compatibility. Additionally, ensure the toner cartridge, as opposed to the drum unit, was loaded.

Verify whether you installed a fresh cartridge

When you buy HP toner cartridges, buy unused OEM or reliable non-OEM HP toner cartridges if your toner requires replacing. The printer may reset the condition of the HP toner cartridge by installing a fresh cartridge right out of the box. A new toner won’t function properly if the old toner through one printer is installed in another.

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