12 Top Restaurants in Brisbane


Brisbane’s level of domestic migration and cultural diversity by those with culinary know-how has made great efforts to add a wide plethora of quality restaurants the city can show off. Many dining-oriented locales and distinguished suburban restos with stunning Brisbane River as backdrop have plenty of palatable dishes to offer. 

There are quite a number of hidden dining gems and top restaurants in Brisbane that you ought to try. So, if you’re planning to go out with family or friends for some pigging out session, these are the top 12 diners to visit in the city. 

1. Mr. Wabi 

Are you into delectable Asian fusion dining? Then Mr. Wabi is a must-try! They offer good food choices that bring people together. As one of the best places to eat in Brisbane, you’ll be amazed at how they can revamp common Asian street food into scrumptious dishes. 

From barbeque salmon, slow-cooked spare ribs, chicken bao, pad thai to crispy pork belly, you will definitely like them, foodies. 

2. Mu’ooz

If you’re looking for a touch of North-East African flavours, Mu’ooz is the place to be. Using both local and imported African ingredients, you’ll get to enjoy non-vegetarian and vegetarian cuisines. While you’re at it, you get to try their toothsome finely ground chickpeas and spices, shiro served with green chillies or perhaps pumpkin sautéed in rich African berberé with garlic, onion and tomatoes. 

Plus! Enjoy their spiky chicken curry flavoured with berberé, tasame, tomato, onion and garlic. 

3. Caravanserai 

Experience a vivacious Turkish restaurant that overlooks the Brisbane River with modern Middle Eastern carte. You’ll get to like their indoor setting that is bursting with a tralatitious Turkish atmosphere. What makes Caravanserai a standout to food connoisseurs is their wide variety of specials and banquets. 

Feast yourself on some of their mouth-watering treats, such as herbed Turkish meatballs with homemade tomato sauce and garlic yoghurt, char-grilled chicken skewers paired with Turkish lemonade. 

4. Mondo Organics 

When it comes to serving fresh and organic dishes long before it becomes highly popular, Mondo Organics is where you want to be. Established in the year 2000, this fine restaurant is ranked as Brisbane’s best organic restaurant. Enjoy the fresh fruit and vegetables sourced from local growers.

Plus, they only have grass-fed beef and free-range poultry for their dishes, truly an awesome treat for your exquisite palate. Their coffee is 100% organic and is Fair Trade certified, too. Situated on the far-famed restaurant strip of the West End, Mondo Organics is the ideal spot if you want tasteful, satisfying and wholesome real good food experience. 

5. Tukka 

Tukka is an award-winning diner that serves globally renowned fare made with native Australian ingredients. Turn your fine dining with some exotic twist, featuring rich and flavourful seared kangaroo with green pea purée, fondant potato, braised leek and pan-roasted pumpkin. 

But wait, there’s more! Try their first-class emu fillet with artichoke crisps, parsnip cream, baby beetroot and braised spinach. Other sets of dishes that’ll bring out your inner gastronome is their chicken cassoulet with crocodile sausage and baked polenta. Don’t forget their buttered broccolini served with toasted almonds and flavoured damper. 

6. Trangs 

Trangs is always a crowd favourite with their guaranteed good quality service and delectable dishes at budget-friendly prices. Serving you with authentic Vietnamese and Chinese fare, Trangs has continued its success in the world of Asian fusion for 13 years. 

Since their menu features a plethora of delightful dishes such as laska, noodle soups, Chicken with cashews, spring rolls, sweet and sour pork and rice paper wraps, Trangs has become a favourite of locals and has won multiple awards. 

7. Lock’n’Load Bistro

Searching for some casual dining and drinks to enjoy the night with friends? You may want to stop over at Lock’n’Load Bistro. It is a perfect place to unwind with some craft beer paired with quality cuisine. Not just that, the bistro also showcases promising and established artists with live music on various days. 

From a chill night jazz on Tuesdays to party rocking on Saturdays and Sundays, with such lively ambiance, you’ll definitely have a blast. They also offer hearty breakfast meals on weekends. 

8. The Little Greek Taverna 

The Little Greek Taverna is a family-owned restaurant that has been providing authentic Greek cuisine for 7 years. Located on one of the bustling streets of Brisbane, Greek Taverna always serves pleasant-tasting diners. This bistro is one-of-a-kind as you can’t find something similar anywhere else in Brisbane. 

Savour their spanakopita (crispy pastry with ricotta and spinach), souvlaki, tzatziki together with chicken and lamb yiros. They even offer plenty of vegetarian and seafood meals that are an absolute must-try. 

9. Gerard’s Bistro

Gerard is truly a talk of the town and you might be forgiven for thinking it’s just a popular spot in the inner circle of Brisbane. While, you’re not mistaken, it is truly a household name, per se. An even leading moniker for food connoisseurs and gastronomes alike. 

They regularly change their menu to give you the best nomming experience ever in the city. From flavour-packed dishes and breads made with love and dedication perfect for sharing between family and friends to different drink choices. What are you waiting for? Head to Fortitude Valley now. 

10. Same Same 

Same Same is located in the Ada Lane next to the Calile, this restaurant is a famous Thai-inspired bar that’s oozing with Thai dishes you’ll likely smitten about. This notable restaurant captivates the flavours you know and love, but with a touch of sincere attitude. Their shell crab bao, twice-cooked lamb shank massaman curry and grilled prawns in curry butter are a must-have. 

11. Takashiya

Been looking for a resto that offers authentic Japanese dishes in Brisbane? Takashiya is the perfect spot. A genuine omakase experience with a bit of modern panache. Enjoy their 16 courses of seasonal dishes that include nigiri and temaki sushi using various seafood from different corners of the world. 

It is absolutely worth visiting for, especially their a la carte offering and sake selections available. 

12. Agnes 

Another famous diner in the city of Brisbane is Agnes. The moment you pay a visit to this well-known diner, you’ll be greeted to a feast cooked that is completely over fire. From scarlet prawn doughnuts to toothsome smoked lamb with garlic yoghurt, flatbread and ancho mode, you’re in for some festive treat. 

And while you’re up on the terrace, don’t forget to bring some delectable dessert with you. 


Searching for some fine restos in Brisbane is now easier for you. With this guide, you’ll get to know different popular and distinguished fine dinings and restaurants that’ll make your gastronomic tour more exciting. With the right company, mood and setting, you’re definitely going to enjoy your food experience in the city.