How To Make Exercise Fun


One of the main problems that adults struggle with is getting motivated to exercise. On average, adults need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. However, many people neglect to move their bodies because they find it boring and tiresome. Exercise is important for improving your health and also for your happiness, as exercise releases endorphins. Keeping your body healthy through exercise and a good diet is crucial if you want to live a long, healthy life. Here are 7 ways to make exercise fun, and motivate yourself to start moving more!

Discover New Routes and Routines

If you follow the same running or cycling route or workout routine every day, it is easy to see why you might get bored doing the same thing. When everything is predictable, you will get bored much more easily. However, by changing up your running or cycling route or trying a new workout, you can make exercise much more exciting and keep your brain active. You will actually have to think about your workout instead of doing it by muscle memory, you will find it much more interesting and be a lot more motivated to start exercising.

Develop A Sports Skill

When you have goals to work toward, you can become much more motivated to start moving your body. When you can track your progress through the skills you’ve been learning, it can make exercise a lot more fun, and a lot less tedious. For example, joining a sports team is a great way to get exercise and track your progress, as you will be able to compare yourself with the team and be able to see how much better your skills have gotten.

Work Out With Friends

One of the best things you can do to make exercise more fun for yourself is to recruit a group of friends to work out with you. Find like-minded friends who want to get healthier with you, and start a gym group or running club. This way, you won’t get bored of the company, as you’ll be with your close friends! You and your friend group can also keep each other accountable and help each other stick to fitness goals. Enlisting friends is also a good idea if you’re too shy to try gyms on their own, so you can take moral support with you!

Add Some Entertainment

If you want to keep yourself entertained and fight boredom during your workout, bringing entertainment with you is one of the best things you can do. For example, many treadmills at the gym have TVs attached to them, so you can watch your favourite shows while getting a workout in! Furthermore, listening to music or podcasts is a great way to keep yourself entertained while working out. Top Tip: Choosing the same style of music or podcast series to listen to while you’re working out can condition your brain to get motivated every time you listen to it!

Train For A Cause

If you need to quickly get fit in a short amount of time, getting yourself motivated by training for a cause is one of the best health hacks you can do. For example, choose a charity that you’re really passionate about and want to contribute to for the amazing work they do. Then, look for charity runs near you and set up a sponsor website, so people can sponsor you to do the run. When you start your running training, you will be able to keep the cause in mind which will motivate you to get fit in time.

Get In A Sporty Mood

One of the best ways you can prepare yourself for working out is by getting yourself in the right mindset. Stretching and doing warm-up exercises is an effective way to prepare your mind and body for exercise. Setting out your goals for the workout session is also a good way to prepare yourself and get in a sporty mood. Wearing sports clothes you really like such as a full tracksuit or designer gym leggings is one of the best ways you can get in the right mindset for working out. When you take the time to prepare your brain for working out, you will have a much more successful workout.

Reward Yourself

When you reach one of your goals, make sure to reward yourself. If you don’t see a reward when you reach your goals, you can easily lose motivation and find it much harder to get back into exercising. Rewards don’t have to be something unhealthy – you can reward yourself with a bit of retail therapy, a lie-in, or an experience that you’ve always wanted to do. Making sure that you keep rewarding yourself throughout your exercise journey is a great way to keep exercise fun, and make yourself ready for exercise.

When you make exercise fun, you can make yourself do more exercise and get a lot healthier – and have lots of fun at the same time!